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The Atlantic

WASHINGTON, D.C.—On Friday morning, a few hours before the start…

8 hours ago


To love Marie Kondo is to love her interpreter, who…

6 hours ago

National Journal

Three political preconditions needed to be in place before anyone…

1 day ago


The thirty-day mark of the government shutdown has come and…

24 hours ago

Government Executive

Science advocacy groups take turns imploring leaders to open agencies.

1 day ago

Atlantic Media Proprietary Insight

Opinion leaders want to affect the future. They are over 2x as likely to be motivated by a desire to change the course of events than the general population.

Route Fifty

Public sector union membership dropped very slightly last year, mirroring…

6 hours ago

Defense One

Congress can pass a law saying that if no budget…

10 hours ago


The extensions only apply to seven department procurement offices and…

1 day ago


As roughly 800,000 federal employees enter their fifth week of…

7 hours ago


Fashion is in many ways a technical business. It requires…

8 hours ago


It’s easy to assume that a book about a magic…

8 hours ago